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Who Was Lord Herbert Plumer?

What does the Governor of Malta have to do with the Rockefeller family purchasing vast amounts of land in the Virgin islands?

Well, here is a clue: In 1917 he marches into Jerusalem on foot to commence the British occupation of a place once known as Palestine. Later, in 1918, he became Governor of Malta. His final major appointment was as High Commissioner of Palestine – a post he held for three years. Afterwards, Lord Herbert Plumer begins work with the Rockefeller family and James Henry Breasted to create the Rockefeller Jerusalem Museum in the late 1920's. Shortly after, the Rockefeller family begins to secretly purchase as much of St. John and St. Croix island as possible.

More clues:

Herbert Plumer died on July 16th 1932 and is buried in Westminster Abbey, London.

Plumer never wrote about his experiences so his thoughts about what he experienced in World War One (and other areas of interest) have been lost to History. The first book that came out about him was in 1935 and was written by General Sir Charles Harrington. However, Harrington had little to go on as Plumer burned all his private papers before his death. Therefore we do not know what Plumer thought of the overall strategy of the Allied campaign in World War One and there is no record of any comments he may have made to former colleagues once he had retired. Citation: C N Trueman "Field Marshal Herbert Plumer" The History Learning Site, 31 Mar 2015. 4 Sep 2018.

Lord Plumer erased his entire life just before his death. What was he was hiding? It's a difficult question to answer, however, considering his special connections to the Jerusalem Museum, it might be the very answer to his motivation behind destroying his private papers and journals, and even could also have explained why the Rockefellers bought so much of St. John and St. Croix Islands.

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