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Connecting The Dots

JP Noel literally followed the Ark of the Covenants' bread crumb trail backwards, starting with the Knights of St. John/Malta on St. Croix Island to the ancient Middle Eastern city of Jerusalem (about the time of the first crusade). In order to expose the greatest cover up in history, the faint, yet continuous line of crumbs could only be followed one way; from the present to the past, meaning from St. Croix back to Jerusalem. Perhaps this is why the amazing story has remained undiscovered for so long.

The research that took nearly three years and over three thousand hours to complete lead to a crazy web of interconnected people, places and events that all pointed to the Knights of Malta stashing the Ark of the Covenant on St. Croix or St. John island. This new theory, by JP Noel, connects the dots in ways never imagined. Is this lost holy relic going to be found thanks to his exhaustive three year fact finding mission?

From the Rockefeller family to Christopher Columbus and the Knights Templar, every possible historical detail was explored to bring you the most comprehensive answer to the worlds biggest mystery - the lost Ark of the Covenant. Read the St. Croix Ark today.

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