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Against All Odds

"The Israelite people would vanquish foes when the ark was brought onto the battlefields, widespread death came upon all those who were enemies whilst in the presence of the ark."

One of the mystical powers attributed to the Ark of the Covenant mentioned above states that whoever posses the ark will be able to defeat armies, even with overwhelming circumstances. This fable is retold in modern times by Spielberg's movie "Raiders of the Lost Ark" where Germany in WW-ll sought to control the holy artifact and wield its powers against the rest of the world.

JP Noel not only claims the Knight of St. John/Malta held the ark on the island of Malta, but also decided to relocate the Ark of the Covenant across the foreboding Atlantic ocean to the Caribbean Islands. He also goes on to claim the real motivation for this epic move was a result of "The Great Siege of 1565" and fears of the ark being captured. Although The St. Croix Ark explains the importance of this battle, this article from the Malta Newspaper covers the event with great detail.

Excerpt from the article: As the Knights of the Order of St John, and the Maltese inhabitants, looked on at the 200 or so Turkish ships landing on the island’s shores, there must have been a sense of trepidation in the air: a sense that the coming weeks and months would have a bearing on the course of the history of the Order, of Malta and maybe even of Christianity as a whole.

The Great Siege is a military campaign that is legendary in Maltese history and culture. The story of how around 10,000 Knights and Maltese fought off a force of 30-40,000 Ottoman Turks is one that has been told time and time again.

It was the last epic battle involving Crusader Knights like the Order of St John / Malta.

Note: If you read the comments to this article on the Malta newspaper website you will observe how the conflict still lingers in the modern world much as it did centuries ago, will we ever learn from our past? If the Ark of the Covenant is ever found, what could we expect from that moment forward? A world of peace or chaos?

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