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National Geographic "Diggers" Show Comes Looking for The St. Croix Ark!

Although #TheStCroixArk went into hiding many years ago, the ripples of rumors created by JP Noel's story seems to live on. A fact exposed by a visit in 2015 from Ringy and KG of the "Diggers" show on cable TV. They travel the world to explore lost treasures in hopes of finding epic relics from the past. The program can be seen on the National Geographic network.

Here is where it gets interesting, John Boyd a long time resident and hiking tour guide of St. Croix reported this on his blog.

" They intended to search for pirate treasure and the treasures of the Knights of Malta. They had to be familiar with the work of JP Noel as they specifically mentioned searching for the Ark of the Covenant. In his book, “The Ark of St. Croix,” Noel traced the Ark from Jerusalem and the Crusades to the Knights of Malta on St. Croix. The episode was called TREASURES OF THE CARIBBEAN and is a Diggers programs shown on the National Geographic Channel. The program was a one hour showcase of the history and beauty of St. Croix. Residents of St. Croix should be able to get it from their cable TV company for a small fee.

Of course, there is nothing that can extinguish the fire of enthusiasm for finding the Ark of the Covenant faster than a local historian explaining to Ringy and KG that “there is no physical evidence that the Knights of Malta were ever on St. Croix.” My only response might be the reminder that “there are none so blind as those who do not care to see.”

"Poppa" John Boyd went on to say, "I categorically reject the concept that there is no physical evidence that the Knights of Malta were ever on St. Croix. To start with there are two old maps (Blondel 1667 and Lapointe 1671) which show the location of the plantations and the names of the owners. One place was identified by JP Noel as headquarters for the Knights of Malta and was originally named Moncœur by them."

Yes, The St. Croix Ark has been at odds with the local "expert" historian(s) who choose to ignore overwhelming historical evidence about the Knights of Malta owning and living on the island. Perhaps it's not so much a cover-up on their part, but more to the point that it doesn't fit neatly into the narrative that took place after the Knights mysteriously abandoned St. Croix. Even though they [the knights] occupied the island for a very short period, it still doesn't mean the historians get to re-write history. This is one of the reasons, I believe, the Knights of Malta trail to the Caribbean remains a well kept secret. The real question is why?

One last note: when offered free copies . . . the historians on St. Croix couldn't be bothered to even read the The St. Croix Ark!

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Steve Bates
Steve Bates
Oct 16, 2019

Best of luck on the tv show - that would be a great development!

I would love to read your book if you ever have another copy or alternate means of delivery. My email address is basecampventures (at)

Thanks again and if I can ever be a resource for you, please let me know.


JP Noel
JP Noel
Sep 20, 2019

Hi Steve, thank you for your interest in The St. Croix Ark. I regret to inform you that a this time there are no copies available for purchase. The first publishing of the book consisted of only 100 hardbacks which sold out a few months after its release. The book is now under consideration for a TV series, so I am waiting to see what happens with that project. I am considering an alternative temporary delivery method via PDF download to be able to continue sharing the story. I should know more soon. If you want, leave your email address, I will try to get a copy to you.


Steve Bates
Steve Bates
Jul 31, 2019

I have been trying to find a copy of your book - where is the best place to purchase a copy?

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